Friday, March 27, 2009

Exploration, adventure and discovery...

feeling the water
Sam and Mama by the lake
Running with glee by Buddy Attick lake
Sam watching a Robin and saying "Hi Bird!"
The first blossoms of spring!
posed on a stump
"I fix it, tree"
Sam was trying SO hard to get that stick to connect to the tree!
Laughing at peekaboo (I was hiding behind a tree)
Handsome boy!


Mike and Christie said...

yea, sam pics! :)

Oakie Grandfather said...


You have that new camera doing very well. Of course you have a great subject to photograph.

JosephMinich said...
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Rebecca said...

Thanks Grandpa! I've been dying for warm weather so I can get outside and shoot some photos, and I finally got my chance... I had so much fun!