Thursday, March 10, 2011

Green = simple = happy :)

Being earth conscious has an indirect benefit--it requires you to live your life fairly simply. I've especially noticed this now that we have only one car. We recently got rid of both of our cars and bought a new car--a 2010 Honda FIT. It has great fuel economy, and is just an absolutely delightful car! Having only one car has forced me to be at home with our boys every day. At first I was terrified by the idea of being trapped in the house with two young children! But after a month of this I can say with confidence--This simple life is good for the environment, and good for us. I am able to be a better mother to my children (none of us could really handle running around as much as I did when we had a vehicle), delight more in God, and put more thought and time into being green. I use cloth diapers more often, bake bread and desserts, waste less food, buy less (since I'm rarely out shopping), am constantly repurposing things, recycle more faithfully, make my own body scrub and wipe solution, etc. And above all, it has just put a lot of things into perspective. By spending so much time in my home(without a tv), I realize more and more that I have everything here that I need! I have a great family, good food and a comfortable place to live. It is wonderful not to be bombarded with advertizing that lies to me and tells me, "You need this. If you had this, you'd be happy." I already am happy...or at least I was, until I saw ads that tell me otherwise! My simple, green life is teaching me to deny consumerism and appreciate what matters most. I've been enjoying my kids more. (an example: Today while Tru was napping, Sam and I threw on our wellies and headed into the rain to jump in some puddles! Simple fun!) I've invited more people into my home than I ever have. I'm more grateful and content with what I have, and therefore give more. I've read more and had clearer thoughts. I could go on, but you get the picture. Hope this inspires you to simplify your life! Green = simple = happy. The end. :)


Susan said...

Lovely! And Amen to not having a t.v. Now that we are back to that, I feel so liberated. My days are longer "in a good way." I don't cook more cause I've been sick, but by not running around, we eat what is here and don't waste the leftovers by having seen something NEW we want at the grocery store/restaurant.

I like how you put the bit about realizing you have everything you need there and being content. This is the best place to be, we don't need much really do we? Our own small corner that we've set up in a way that enables us to function well and that is pretty to our own senses (not madison avenues)and our family and friends (near and far...don't take away my skype or phones!!!)

I don't know about you, but when money is tight and one is home most of the time, I think I'm more creative with what I have. Sounds like you feel that way as well.
Love you green granola mama!

Susan said...

One other thought, I think there is something about being "stuck" home, be it without a car or with sickness or cause I have to wait for Noah etc, that makes one want to create more fun and to bake more and so on, it's like "ok, I'm here, what can I do? I can bake? I can make satisfying food? I can play with my decor? I can read or write? and so on..and unlike when one is run-around-buy, there isn't so little time that you feel you want to do them all cause you "never" have'll have time today AND tomorrow (-:

Rebecca said...

Wow didn't realize you are tv-less. Cool. :) You are right about being more creative when you're stuck at home! You've got to fight boredom and monotony!