Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy thoughts

My dear sister, who is very wise, pointed out that I might also benefit my children by acknowledging the good I do as a parent, while trying to correct my flaws. And she is right. So I'm going to stop and think about the things I think I do well as a Mother...

  • Lately, I've been singing/clapping with them every morning. My mom sent us a kids CD in a music style that all 3 of us love. The first song is called "So glad I'm here" and when I sing it to my boys it is a great reminder to love my days with them.

  • For the most part, I am a stable person, whom they can run to and feel safe.

  • I ask what they feel and think, because I really want to know.

  • I try not to judge their motives when they do things that seem naughty until I have heard and considered their perspective.

  • I sit down and play with them--not for a long time, but for a period every day.

  • I pray with them and for them each day.

  • I prepare a healthy variety of foods for them, and try to make them taste good. :)

  • I started letting Sam bake with me while he was still 2. He loves it now.

  • I tell them that I love them and praise them often.

  • I show them physical affection.

  • I usually admit my failures and ask their forgiveness.

  • I accept their limitations.

  • I strive to train them with the gentlest methods possible, with consistancy.

  • I love and respect their daddy, and make sure they see that. (this is UBER important)

  • I say yes to things that make me crazy paint, playdough, puddles, etc.

  • I don't baby them, but help them learn to be independent and strong.

  • I read to them sometimes (this is one I really want to do more often!)

  • I lose sleep when they need me.

  • I breastfeed, even in spite of difficulty.

  • I take little opportunities to teach them about the world.

  • I delight in beauty with them.

  • I am patient and kind much of the time.

  • I put a high value in family and try to make times together fun.

  • I create simple traditions to create memories with and for them.

What are some of your greatest strengths as a parent? I'd love to hear about them. Caring for young children can leave you exhausted and brain dead. Unlike jobs in "the real world", you get little praise, acknowledgement or thanks. Some days you just have no idea what you did, or whether or not it meant anything. And there's nobody to hand you a paper with a grade on it! So I think this kind of reflection is pretty much vital. This post has done me some good. :)


Susan said...

Cool. I think that was a fair evaluation of you, and a decent piece of advice from your sister. I'm uber happy you like the C.D. My sending that, believe it or not, came from your answer to what you remember as being special about my parenting, that being that there was always music. So I wanted to be sure you and Sam and Truman had some! Ironic huh.

Mike and Christie said...

Becca I think you are fab mom! :)