Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"WE only eat organic"

Something has been bugging me for awhile and I thought it was appropriate to blog about it. I realized that there are people in the world who get so wrapped up in eating well, that they forget how to live well. This is a very real (and common) trap which would be easy for me to fall into. In fact, I kinda did. While I still think it's great to buy local, organic, cook fresh and from scratch, etc., it has become less of a priority. As a Christian, it is equally important to me to care for others, particularly the poor. It is also extremely important for me to care for my family beyond just cooking for them. We aren't wealthy, and as such, we have to make choices about our money. We can't have it all. And as much as I value caring for our bodies by eating well, I cannot value it above being able to feed the poor. As much as I want my kids to eat well, I also want to feed their souls, give them a somewhat organized home, and save for their future. We were spending too much time and money on food. And in reality, how much difference will those little choices I stressed over make on their well-being? And how much more important for them to see us giving, even if it has to hurt a little? Don't get me wrong...I'm not here to tell you that it's wrong to buy raw milk from a farm, or use organic apples. (That would be funny, coming from this blog!) I'm just realizing this isn't for us--at least for now. Maybe someday when we are in a different financial position, we will do some of those things. But this has given me food for thought. Is MY child so important that he should eat a PERFECT diet while other children die of starvation? It is our God given responsibility to care for our bodies, but there is a line between careful and phobic. Between wisdom and worship. We are responsible for many things, and I want to be more aware of keeping those things in balance. For now, I've gone to buying regular meats, dairy and vegetables from ALDI. We buy specialty items (like GF and dairy free items or treats) from Trader Joe's. And of course the occasional trip to Costco for a few things and stuff for HATC. I still cook mostly from scratch (which saves money and is healthier) but have tried to simplify our meals. We have more money, less stress and more time with the kiddos. I'm pleased with this switch. It feels right for this era.

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You have a wonderful blog.... post more! :)